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SVF Ball Valves

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SVF Ball Valves

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SVF is the recognized leader in providing complete, reliable valve automation systems to the industrial marketplace. 

At the heart of the product line is the three piece ball valve.  With its inherent flexibility, ease of use and well proven quality, it has become the worldwide standard for rugged, reliable valve performance.


In addition to their three piece valve, SVF offers a complete selection of flanged valves for larger line sizes.   Their valve offering for both the three piece and flanged includes steam valves, high pressure valves, tank bottom valves, jacketed valves, control valves, instrumentation and economy valves, as well as fire-safe and cryogenic.


Cavity Fillers

To meet the many needs of the process industries, SVF offers a wide variety of valve materials, including valve bodies of carbon, stainless, brass and Alloy 20.  Seat materials include Teflon and Teflon alloys, PEEK, UHMWPE, VX1, NRG and Delrin.  Their sanitary valve products are available in cavity-fill design to eliminate pockets for bacterial growth.

SVF three piece valves are produced with the following end connections:   NPT, SW, BW, ETO, sanitary, flanged, vacuum, tank pad and compression.

All SVF valves may be fitted with pneumatic or electric actuators and accessories to provide dependable remote control in the most demanding environments.  Their patented quad-piston actuator, the Compact4, is the smallest and most efficient actuator available on the world market today.

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SVF Quick Reference Guide